Texas Population Projections Program

The Texas Population Projections Program produces biennial projections of the population of the state and all counties in the state by age, sex and race/ethnicity. These projections are used extensively by public and private entities.

Every 2-3 years, the program also produces state and county level projections for every year from 2015 through 2050 for the following:

  • Household projections by tenure
  • Labor force
  • Enrollment in primary/secondary education
  • Enrollment in community colleges and universities

2014 Preliminary Population Projections Release

The 2014 Population Projections presented here, are Preliminary and are subject to review. Because these preliminary projections may change as a result of the review process please be aware that the projections may be revised at the state and county level. Final projections will be posted to this site after October 31, 2014.

2014 Preliminary Population Projections Methodology (PDF)

Population projections prepared by the Texas Population Estimates and Projections Programs include a summary of methodology. Please carefully review the entire summary prior to using the data.

The methodology utilized by the population projections program include the following highlights:

  • Detailed projections include: a single year of age, two sexes, and 4 racial/ethnic groups (Anglo, Black, Hispanic, and Other), utilizing the cohort-component projection model.
  • Special populations, fertility rates, mortality rates, and residual migration rates are among the variables incorporated into the model

2014 Preliminary Population Projections Data Downloads

Sex and Race/Ethnicity Total Population by Migration Scenario for 2010-2050
in 1 year increments (zipped CSV file)

Age, Sex and Race/Ethnicity (ASRE) Population by Migration Scenario